Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remote control of Ham Radio via iPhone

One of the easiest ways to remote control a ham radio and perform remote operation is to use a screen sharing program to remotely control the radio and work digial modes.

While remote operation of other modes such as SSB and CW are a little more involved, it is quite simple to work PSK31, RTTY or any other digial mode remotely just by using desktop sharing.

There are several different apps to use on the iPhone to accomplish this, depending on if you are using VNC(Linux, Mac, Windows), RDP(Windows only) for your shack computer.

I wanted to get my feet wet and I found myself working PSK31 on the radio out in the shack, while walking around the house very quickly after setting things up. 

The iPhone program I used is called "Jaaudo RDP", but there are many others out there for the iPhone that you can use to do remote desktop control using VNC or RDP protocols.  The advantage of using RDP is that it requires nothing to install on the Windows desktop, since its already built in.

Here is a video I made showing just how easy it is to work PSK31 remotely with Ham Radio Deluxe 5 running on a windows laptop back at the shack.


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