Friday, May 21, 2010


Ok, I am finally breaking down and creating a blog.  Why?  Well, honestly I never thought I would ever want to do this before.  But, my recent experiences in exploring my new hobby of Ham Radio have really proven that the sharing of information and knowledge to and from others was invaluable.  There just are not all that many 'official' sources for Ham Radio information and any time you share some information you really could be helping out the wonderful hobby of Ham Radio.  Most Ham Radio knowledge is self learned through experimentation and experience or  simply handed down from one ham to another.

I have learned so much during the first few years I have been a Ham(late 2008), that I thought I might actually have figured some things out worth sharing.  Lots of stuff in the hobby have to be learned through trial, and experimentation, and there are so many different things to get involved with in the Ham Radio hobby from working with Satellites, Digital Modes, QRP, Amps, Homebrew Gear, Kit Building, Antenna Design, Propagation, Public Service, Emergency Communications, Solar Power, and whatever else you can think of that people are into connected to Ham Radio, that not everyone can know everything about everything.

I am a heavy into HF Digital Mode Communications, learning CW, SDR, Contesting, DXing, and interested in Solar Power and QRP so those will naturally be topics of interest.  I am also a professional Unix geek so some Ham Radio related computer stuff will probably make some appearances as well.


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