Monday, January 9, 2012

Picture of Ye Old Ham Shack

Well, since I spent the time cleaning up, I figured I would take a picture of the ole shack.  So here is what it looks like when its clean and I don't have a project all spread out in progress. It's nothing elaborate, just a couple of folding tables really. But I am finally comfortable with the layout of having one work space for radio work on one side and having a project building area and test bench on the other side. I find myself really enjoying being able to work on building a radio kit and be and able to swivel over and work the radio at the same time. Besides we all know that solder smoke makes you sound better on the radio while also makes you able to hear that rare DX better at the same time.


DaddyBear said...

Very neat. How long will it stay that way?

Tom Moe said...

I like it. Simple, but the layout works. That's what I'm going to do.

73 W4MKC

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